About - Our Program

Delivering nutritious lunches to your children.

Back in 2003, we had a vision for our company that was different. We made some promises to ourselves and to those schools who gave us our first start.

We promised to:

  • Use only top quality ingredients in our recipes.
  • Provide excellent customer service to our customers.
  • Perform a hassle free distribution in schools.
  • Donate a portion of each lunch back to the school.
  • Give customers excellent value for the money.

All these years later, we are still going strong and keeping all of our promises. Thank you to those first schools who believed in our vision.

We have many different options for schools to participate in our lunch program. We have our regular weekly menus that offer more than 55 different menu selections. These items are rotated each menu period adding new and exciting options to go alongside our favourite selections! A portion from each lunch is donated back to the school. We also provide larger fundraising opportunities with special lunch days that can be offered monthly so that your school is still in accordance with the PPM-150 guidelines. We even offer weekly sub days made with the freshest of ingredients!

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